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Stretching & Flexibility

Stretching and Flexibility Exercises loosens your body muscles at 2HealthFitness.com

How to Stretch and Flexibility

Before any workout you must stretch your body muscles and again, after you finish your workout, concluding with a varied stretching routine. This important routine helps with your flexibility and reduces the possibility of injury. Stretching is the basic way to improve health and fitness. By adding regular flexibility exercise programs into your life, you will:


You can incorporate a complete stretching routine in as little as 10 minutes. Your best stretching routine will occur after you have finish exercising, (focusing on the muscles used during the workout), because your muscles are at its warmest and you can focus on relaxation. The following are Stretching Techniques you should use:

Stretching Exercise

Here are some normal stretches you can use on a regular basis, mixing and matching, hold each stretch for at least 10 to 15 seconds and if you feel any pain while stretching, ease up and go a little easier and slow it down.

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